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Additionally, Oregon law states that your employer must pay you at least once every 35 days.

Therefore, laws in states such as Oregon do not allow for post dating of checks but do enable your employer to delay paying you in other ways.

You may have to wait to cash the check until after payday since your payday falls on a day when banks are closed.

In such an instance, your employer did not post date the check for a date after payday, but you could not cash your check until after payday.

In many states, including California and Hawaii, your employer cannot post date your payroll check.

Furthermore, in California your employer must write the check against a bank that does not charge a check cashing fee.

Therefore, your employer did not post date the check, but you could not access funds on payday.

Checks returned “Unauthorized Drawer’s Signature(s)” are usually forgeries signed by someone other than the owner of the checking account.

These checks should be presented to the Sheriff’s Office or local authorities for investigations.

Under Florida law, any checks returned “NSF” (non-sufficient funds), “Account Not Found” or “NSF Unless Otherwise Indicated is a worthless check subject to prosecution under Florida’s criminal statutes.

Checks stamped “Refer To Maker” or Uncollected Funds” may require additional investigation before being charged criminally.

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