Differences between online and traditional dating

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Now it’s February 15th and you're still a single nomad and sick of the loneliness. Join Aline Dahmen., and her growing group of Nomad Soulmates, as she digs through the dating maze to find out what really makes travel dating different to traditional dating.Or maybe you’re someone who’s been travelling for years? I started this article with the aim to answer one question: how is traditional dating different from travel dating?Things like being open-minded, having a similar lifestyle and the same view on life and cultures often are the things that bring nomads together. And this decision is bigger and has to be made faster, than when you’re rooted in one place.It means you need to be willing to change your plan and commit pretty quickly.Learning a culture through a date can open up a totally new world for you.There is something fun about it, and this is something you may never have experienced before.Since you don’t have to talk face-to-face, you might find it less stressful.

I’m delighted that Vikram and Maria have already met through Nomad Soulmates, and after some time chatting online, they got together in India for a spontaneous trip and fell in love.Some people are natural flirts and find dates quickly, while others struggle with their confidence.Finding the right words to woo a girl (or guy) can always be nerve-wracking. Luckily, we live in a new age of dating with digital matching services. You will find meeting people online can be a unique and thrilling experience.That is something beautiful to see – and something we want for a lot more of our members, which is why we’re creating a dating app for nomads, helping them connect romantically with other like minded people.Check out our Indiegogo campaign to see what the app is going to look like and how it’ll work.

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